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The potential of our mind and soul is enormous. Not infinite nor eternal, because infinity and eternity belong to the ALL, not to that fractal that is Man.


Shakespeare wrote, in "The Tempest":


We are made of the same stuff as dreams; and in space and time of a dream it is enclosed our short life. 


Exactly, the ONE dreamed about billions and billions of forms of energy, and they were so life, seemingly different, united in the dream as if they were real.


Only the ONE, the ALL is real. We are as real because by the ALL dreamed us, desired us, so loved us.


How could we therefore have the opportunity to know everything about the future? The complete future is variable, unexpected, is a dream that surprises us because it doesn't belong to us, while being part of.


In the Tarot and in all the arts of the sublime inner knowledge, as well as in deep meditation or prayer ecstatic to the All, we can find the compass that will take us where the Top has placed us, with our approval forgotten, because everything can be harmonious in this dream.

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