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Pirandello's Life

Narrated by His Women

written and directed by

Annalisa Rossi

A theatrical biography of one the most important playwright of all time. Through the voices of the women of his life and art the play will narrate the path of the man who changed the Theatre, forever.


International cast

 Henriette Berntsen (Danish)- Emma Gould (English)

 Lesley Leichtweis Bernardi (Brazilian)

Inna Syzonenko (Ukrainian)- Maja Thoresen (Swedish)

Diego Monsiváis (Mexican)- Lino Pietroni (Italian)


Music composed by Claudio Rosati

Daniela Ricci - choreography     Claudio Rosati - sounds & lights

Lizah A.H. Cronemyr - makeup    Claudia Bini - masks

PR Giulia Kappelin Cingolani


Kastanjegatan 13 - 15


MAY 11 - MAY 12 at 7pm

MAY 13 at 5pm

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