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TALKING HEADS - Copenhagen - 2017, May


(...) It’s a rare occasion that a series of monologues, served only by modest (but precisely arranged and

coloured) staging, can evoke such a vivid series of images and a rich sense of period and personality. (...) 

What’s striking is this cast’s obvious affinity with the material. Each of the three members give soulful,

hilarious, full-blooded performances, perfectly embodying their roles, so as to disappear into them to

delicious effect. And this is absolutely by design: in order to adapt the works for a 90-minute stage

production, Italian director Annalisa Rossi challenged three British, Malmö-based actors from Playmate

theatre to select a single character study from the original series – one that would play best to their

individual strengths.

The result being that each role is performed with an immaculate ear for the text by all three players, lending

a hyper-real emotionality that, like the heightened social realism of Mike Leigh’s best work, veers toward

caricature but never mockery, nor does it fail to hit its mark.

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