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I felt in love with Rider Waite Tarot twenty years ago, when, for the first time, I started to reading tarots.


They are simple and complex, rich of symbolism in each detail. My reading is based on my psychic skills and my continuous study on every symbolism in the story of humanity. Two skills that I use also for my theatrical and artistic work.


I will never inform you only about events, lucky or not. My purpose is help you to find in yourself the answers, for teaching you to hear the voice of your heart and your soul.


For 3 - 6 - 9 cards reading I use Major an Minor Arcana. Instead for 22 cards reading, I use only Major Arcana, because this reading is focused on deepest wishes, fears, goals, and opportunities.

All readings will include also a simple numerology report, to complete the instruments that I'll give you to understand yourself and your situation.


Generally I prefer email consultation, because I can think with calm on every single part of the cards and prepare a complete report. If you want face-to-face or a Skype reading, contact me by e-mail and I’ll arrange an appointment with you. Price for Skype reading is different: look at the scheme below! 

The payment must be done when the consultant asks the question.

The time for the answer starts from the day after of payment only if the question is

complete and clear!

In your email, please, ALL these data: name -date of birth - number of cards reading (see

the scheme) - question - date of payment - your photo (only face)


How to book a reading

  • Write an e-mail to (or click here) with your question: I'll answer you in few days about other info I need to help you and how to pay. We're going to activate PayPal payment, in meantime you'll be able to pay in other different ways: after your email you'll receive all the data for the payment.

  • One card reading is always free!

Reading by email - answer in Italian or English or Swedish




1 card - for free    A single, very simple question, (yes-no and no more of two lines of explication). The answer will be send as soon as possible.


3 cards - 50 SEK         A single question. Answer for the next future with the analysis of the reason of your situation. (example: How will be my next year?) I will read for you if a new job or a new friendship will go well, or if will be better for you thinking before a new choice. Answer in 3 working days.

6 cards - 90 SEK         A complex question. Answer about the present and the next future. (example: Why my relationship is in crisis? Will we go better?). This reading is an evolution of the “3 cards” reading. With 6 cards I can see why your problem is born, how much it’s important now and, eventually, how resolve it. Answer in 5 working days.

9 cards - 120 SEK          A question on a single aspect of life. Answer about past, present and future. (example: How about love in my life?). You can choose to know about your relationship, or your family or any important aspect of your existence. My reading will be focused on your wishes, to help you to do the right choice, in accordance with the path of your soul. Answer in 10 working days.


22 cards - 300 SEK         Your personality and life in past, present and future:- 3 cards (the Past) - 5 cards (the Present) - 7 cards (the Future)- 4 cards (Your Path and what you’ll have to learn) - 3 card (Your Purpose in this life). We do many wrongs in our life. Often, we choose our job or our partner feeling only our emotions. We are here to evolve and the first step is, as the Delphi’s Oracle said, “know yourself!”. This reading can be a great help for seeing deepest in your soul and understanding why you are here in this time. 

Answer in 15 working days.

Reading by Skype - in Italian or English 

Minor and/or Major Arcana: the choice will depend on the question.

15 minutes -   80 SEK

30 minutes - 150 SEK

1 hour -        250 SEK


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If you have any type of reading with me it will be direct and honest. If you want a clairvoyant who only says what you want to hear, do not contact me.


Mediumship cannot be guaranteed. Psychic readings are for entertainment and guidance only. Your own personal free will should never be dominated by that of a psychic. Psychic readings are not a substitute for the correct professional, medical or legal advice.


Readings available to over 18’s only – anyone considered to be vulnerable or mentally unstable will be refused.

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Here you can find some feedbaks from people who received my readings.

Mar 07, 2016

Gerith [Great Britain]

I want to let you know that your reading came true. As you previously know, my ex dumped me and you told me he was not the right guy for me and the right man will come in my life very soon. You also mentioned that my  love life will get better in Autumn. After just 3 months of break-up, I met someone else on September 2, 2015 which is Autumn! and we got engaged after 3 months of dating and soon we will get married this 5th July 2016 which would only be 10 months of dating! 


You told me that I will get married within a year and that is coming true!! 


Thank you so much!!

Apr 05, 2015

Tonia [Canada]

Thank you very very much for an honest accurate reading. I love the advice/guidance that you've read to me & it's very much something I have thought about for my future. Keep giving great readings! Thank you.

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